For my derby wife

To my Dearest Derby Wife

To my dearest Derby Wife

I’m sorry that you are feeling rubbish – I really am.

I realised the offering to help in any way I can is ok but you might not know what you need and so it’s not such a good offer (although obviously the offer stands!).

I was thinking last night about what I could do for you to cheer you up and was thinking about making a Pinterest board for you with cool stuff but then though that might be a little too public.

…And so I have made this blog – for you.

I’m hoping to post lovely, cheerful and inspirational things on this blog every day for you in the hope that it might make you feel a little bit better even if it’s just for a moment.

Love you lots


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3 thoughts on “To my Dearest Derby Wife

  1. Izzy on said:

    This is lovely! I have cried. You are such an amazing person, I wish I was more like you. We should make a Pinterest board together of awesome inspirational things.

    Today I am trying to send off wedding stuff and I have been accepted for the curious wedding fair in April in London. Which is scary.

    I think I get sad after mag has ben poorly. It seems like that’s the pattern anyway. I don’t want to take tablets though because they make me feel crappy in lots of unhelpful ways.

    • I didn’t mean to make you cry! This is to make you happy 🙂
      Hopefully you can sign up / get a notification when I post (?) so you can see what I’m posting for you every day.

      Exciting news on the curious wedding fair! Let me know if I can help?

      Things will get better 🙂 xxx

      • Izzy on said:

        I have signed up and now it tells me about comments – I’ll see if it will email me about posts.

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